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    2017 was a challenging year for Puerto Rico. First came the destruction and devastation from Hurricane Irma and Maria. Then came disorganized relief efforts, and allegations back and forth as to whether Puerto Rico or the US were to blame. Even today, only 60 percent of Puerto Rico has access to reliable electricity. And the Tax Reform bill that just passed the Congress imposed new tariffs on US companies that hold Puerto Rican subsidiaries. Still, some see in Puerto Rico a budding crypto tax paradise. Some tax advisers are telling their clients to pick up and move to Puerto Rico. As the theory goes, after establishing residency they can sell their cryptocurrency holdings 100 percent tax-free. Sounds great! Where does one sign up? If true, this could be a boon to the Puerto Rican economy, not to mention to those individuals sitting on mountains of appreciated cryptocurrency assets. But does this Puerto Rico tax scheme actually work? Like everything in the world of cryptocurrency taxes, great caution is in order. The IRS is just getting around to developing a strategy to identify, assess and collect the billions of dollars in taxes from cryptocurrencies that some believe are going unreported. The notion that US and Puerto Rico tax authorities will allow millions (if not billions) in cryptocurrency sales to escape taxation entirely is pretty optimistic, to say the least.

    We offer our clients the best possible management and risk control system that works, to ensure that their funds are being handled efficiently in the giant global cryptocurrency trading markets. We utilized many different tools to provide a comprehensive investment experience online and that separate us from your average online investment platforms. The team of professional, experienced traders at the Lucroi LLC, Puerto Rico, are passionate about cryptocurrency and we providing our clients with effective cryptocurrency investment strategies that will give a realistic return on their investment and increase profits.

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    Lucroi LLC is officially registered cryptocurrency trading company under the Government of Puerto Rico. In early 2018, The New York Times kicked off a wave of “Puertopia” articles about the bitcoin billionaires flocking to Puerto Rico. Led by blockchain entrepreneur Brock Pierce, these people see Puerto Rico as the ideal place to create new businesses.

    Lucroi LLC is not owned by any single person or entity, we are a team of experts, professionals, and programmers who have all come to together to launch a very simple business around a very complex industry.Lucroi LLC, Puerto Rico is a community of people who have come together to support Bitcoin and other digital currencies. We helping to provide services for, secure, protect, and ultimately profit from this emerging technology.

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    Apart of genuinely registered company certificate, All deposit & withdrawal are instant here and you can start with as low as 10$. Daily Profits, SSL Security, 24x7 Online Support? Try some forum research and know the fact. Lucroi LLC, Puerto Rico welcome all world's investors

    We use the most advanced techniques in our trading! We continuously strive to improve our skills and trading strategies in order to maximize Daily updated news and insightful market research enable us to make informed and highly- probable trading solutions. Lucroi LLC, Puerto Rico offer our clients personalized and highly qualified support. An unprecedented level of security measures serves as the basis of our company. All data of our clients are strictly confidential. We use SSL-encrypted connections, and our Web servers are protected against DDoS attacks. We use only licensed equipment and software! Carefully designed investment plans reflect the success of Lucroi LLC, Puerto Rico in the online trading market. These plans will help our clients get a stable and realistic income and meet their investment needs and expectations. The investors who have already chosen us are fully protected from financial risks due to our knowledge and experience. That is why we work with thousands of traders. At the same time, the number of investors and experienced professionals is growing.

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